The Thief is Back: a Review of The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

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Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication date: February 28th, 2017 (First published in 2000)
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal
Page Count: 359

Series: The Queen’s Thief #2
#1 The Thief: Review

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The brilliant thief Eugenides has visited the Queen of Attolia’s palace one too many times, leaving small tokens and then departing unseen. When his final excursion does not go as planned, he is captured by the ruthless queen.

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The Queen of Attolia is my book for #TheReadingQuest Challenge: A Book Set in a Different World

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“I sometimes believe his lies are the truth, but I have never mistaken his truth for a lie.”  – Eddis

Queen of Attolia is the second book in The Queen’s Thief series. And with each page read, I fall in love with the world and characters that reside in it. I started off this book with high expectations for an entertaining read and looked forward to revisiting Eugenides charm and wit.

And I was not disappointed.

I love how the book starts off with Eugenides in Attolia on another mischievous quest. If I’m not mistaken, Queen of Attolia is set a few months after The Thief ended. Eugenides is cockier and more confident in his skills as the Queen’s Thief.

The sudden turn of events at the beginning of the story threw me off my tracks. I didn’t expect such a huge bender to occur so early on in the story. And that is what makes Turner such a brilliant fantasy writer. She gives us unexpected twists in her stories that leave us wanting more.

How does Queen of Attolia compare to The Thief? Well, the sequel has more political influences, and deaths, infused within the book compared to its predecessor. We’re introduced to more influential characters that will no doubt affect the rest of the series. The plot is more brilliantly done, and while you won’t feel a quest-sort-of journey occurring throughout the book, you will see how every event written will have a part to play at the ending and most probably, the way this series plays out.

And while I don’t read A Song of Ice and Fire nor do I watch Game of Thrones, I have a feeling that this series is the younger adult/milder version of it.

There’s just so many things at play on this brilliant stage. We see more of Eugenides vulnerability behind all that wit and charm. We get to see more of the two queens of Eddis and Attolia (and may I say female rulers are much more epic in the fantasy world) and how smart they are in planning their battles for power in their lands. The political strategies infused within the book got me a bit confused but once you get the hang of it, it’s a real pleasure to see how it impacted the ending.

“She thought of the hardness and the coldness she had cultivated over those years and wondered if they were the mask she wore or if the mask had become her self. If the longing inside her for kindness, for warmth, for compassion, was the last seed of hope for her, she didn’t know how to nurture it or if it could live.”  – Attolia

Never have I read a fantasy series so rich with drama, low-key plot twists and highly influential characters with the uncanny ability to deceive and negotiate their bargains of power. Queen of Attolia is so wonderfully written that I had half the mind to begin King of Attolia straight after finishing it. You might feel underwhelmed with its lack of plot, but trust me the writing and character influences will leave you wanting more from this series.I’m more and more convinced that adult fantasy are more of my taste and that YA Fantasy has run its course in my reading journey.

And if you’re not in for the slow plot, at least be in for the amazing dialogues that occur in the book.

“I’ll be your minister–”
“Of the exchequer? You’d rob me blind.”
“I would never steal from you,” he’d said hotly.
“Oh? Where is my tourmaline necklace? Where are my missing earrings?”
“That necklace was hideous. It was the only way to keep you from wearing it.”
“My earrings?”
“What earrings?”

Overall, I urge you to try this series out! I’m so exciting to read the remaining 3 books and I have a feeling I will love those too. Let me know if you’ve read the series!

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