My Ramadan TBR!

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Friend: Shahirah are you joining the Standard Chartered marathon?

Friend 2: Oh Shahirah only joins book marathons

Me: Sounds about right….

So it seems pretty obvious that we readers only ever do readathons instead of the actual running marathon. And it’s been a long time since I’ve joined one (readathon, not marathon) that I’ll be participating in the #RamadanReadathon hosted by the lovely folks at @MuslimReadathon ! You can also check out their introductory blog post here.

This readathon will be held throughout Ramadan, our ninth and most holy month in Islam as we introduce to you guys Muslim authors, Islamic-representation and Muslim characters from our favourite books! It’s a wonderful way to get on the diverse bandwagon and expand our reading materials.

While I’m all for diverse reads, as a Muslim, I struggle to find characters that I could relate to as a Muslim, let alone as an Asian Muslim, in the books I read. We’re getting more LGBTQ+, African and Latino representation which is great! So why not expand the choices further to include Muslim characters? Let’s face it, Islamophobia is a real thing which has plagued the Western countries for too long. And just like the #BlackLivesMatter, it’s important to remember that media representation and prejudice should be curbed in order to see the real kindness that exists within people of all religions and races.

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So I have here a collection of Ramadan-inspired reads on my TBR for this readathon. You’re more than welcomed to join us and you don’t have to be a Muslim to read these amazing books! 😀

1. Sofia Khan series by Ayisha Malik

Add Sofia Khan is Not Obliged to your Goodreads
Add The Other Half of Happiness to your Goodreads

I cannot wait to dive into this series. Written by a British Muslim, this romance contemporary promises lots of quips, wits and sarcasm that every modern Muslim can relate to while living as a minority in a huge city!

2. Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

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Add Reclaim Your Heart to your Goodreads

I’ve read this book twice (both times in college) back when I needed it the most and this remains one of my most favourite self help books. I’m looking forward to rereading this beautiful book again in the holy month and reconnect with myself and God.

3. All The Things I Should Have Said by Rania Naim

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Add All The Words I Should Have Said to your Goodreads

 I got this poetry book from Thought Catalog as a gift, and what better way to appreciate a Muslim poet than including it in the Ramadan Readathon? 😀

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.46.50 PM

Overall I’m super excited for Ramadan, sahur and breaking fast with the family and new colleagues at work in addition to reading these amazing books! I’ll try my best to read these alongside other books top on my TBR pile. But these 4 titles are definitely a high priority for now.

Share with me your Ramadan TBR, I’d love to know what other Islamic-centred books are out there. If you have any novels recommendations please do share below as well!


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