Product Review: TheAvailableBook Bookmarks

Hey there book dragons! For this post, I’ll be doing a quick product review for some bookmarks I got in the mail recently. TheAvailableBook was kind enough to send me 6 beautifully done bookmarks to use and review.

When I first saw their IG profile, I was super excited because their designs are very pretty!

The designs are printed on thick glossy and their standard size can be used for any book size including the small-ish mass paperback.

I love the wonderful quotes that they use on some of the bookmarks.

Yay for The Fault in Our Stars!

This has got to be my favourite bookmark of the entire batch.



My only comment about this bookmark is probably the material on which the designs are printed on. Glossy paper can get a bit sticky at times and the designs can fade with time. Perhaps it’d be better to use thick embossed paper or any thick printing paper.

It would also be cool if they can branch out and do customized designs. Either ways, I wish them all the best in their business!

If you’d like to purchase these, you can visit TheAvailableBook ‘s IG profile and place your order. It’s around RM15 (including postage) for any 3 bookmarks 🙂

I’d like to thank them for sending me a batch to review! If you’d like me to do any bookish items review, please contact me here to discuss further.


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