Top 12 Books of 2016!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2016 has been a pretty amazing year in terms of reading (can’t say the same about my personal life lol). I read such a diverse collection of books and explored so many genres (especially YA!) that made me love reading even more, if that’s even possible! I started off the year with a goal of reading more diverse reads and to explore more of the fantasy & sci-fi worlds. I’m glad to say that a number of books in these genres became my ultimate favourite reads of the year.

I started off with 30 books as my Goodreads Challenge goal seeing how I was going to be busy studying for my masters. But I surprised myself by reading 60 books, with over 20,000 pages read!


Until today I have no idea how did I read so much during one of the busiest time of my life. But I have a feeling that I turned to books the most when I was deep in stress to cope with life. I read the most when I was coping with my exams and during the final months of my research.

So I specially made this post for you guys, to highlight some of the books I’ve enjoyed the most this year. I’ve done this before for 2015 but it was just a quick screenshot of the book covers. This year I’ll give brief summaries in relation to the book so to pique your interest in picking them up! :3

My top 12 picks of reads from 2016 are….

Below are some brief summaries with links to their Goodreads description and my reviews.

1. The Martian (Andy Weir)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Astronomy / Space travel
  • Adventure in outer space
  • Survival in barren lands and challenging climates

2. Nimona (Noelle Stevenson)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Magic and villains
  • Graphic arts
  • Unconventional main characters (think kind hearted villains and psycho sidekicks)

3. A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Fantasy
  • Epic love story
  • Hot characters (and I mean smokin’ hot)
  • Wonderful writing

4. Burial Rites (Hannah Kent)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Historical fiction
  • Something asides German/France history
  • Books inspired by true events

5. All The Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr)



Great for lovers of:

  • WWII Historical fiction
  • Unconventional characters
  • Sad stories

6. A Man Called Ove (Fredrik Backman)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • General fiction about old grumpy people
  • Books that make you cry
  • A cat whose very existence always annoy humans

7. Modern Romance (Aziz Ansari & Eric Klinenberg)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Reading about millions of other singletons who are struggling with dating
  • Feeling good about being single and sick of your friends rubbing in your faces about their relationships
  • Interest in social science

8. This Savage Song (V E Schwab)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Monsters and humans living in the same world
  • The grey line between good and evil
  • Wonderful fantasy world building and morally confusing settings

9. The Ballroom (Anna Hope)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Historical fiction based in Ireland
  • Asylum-centered characters and setting (very unique!)
  • Mental illness portrayed in the early 20th century

10. Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Games and virtual reality
  • High speed adventure in an amazing world
  • Disturbing futuristic social situations

11. Harmless Like You (Rowan Hisayo Buchanan)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • Sophisticated literature questioning our life choices and the consequences
  • Diverse/People of colour (PoC) characters
  • Fusion of foreign arts fused into American settings

12. Fates and Furies (Lauren Groff)


Goodreads | My Review

Great for lovers of:

  • General fiction dealing with marriages and life challenges
  • Young couples who wed young and deal with life afterwards
  • Meaningful passages questioning our ability to stay with our true love

So those are my top picks for this year. This year has been my best reading year yet! I’ve been thinking of not setting any 2017 reading challenges but rather try to tackle my TBR pile full of heavier reads, including classics. For this year I’ve found myself rushing through some books in order to read more. Though it did well for my book buying habits as I can read pretty quickly, I’m aiming for a more relaxed year of reading in 2017 where I invest more time reading classics or heavier literature from the general/historical fiction genre.

What’s your reading goal for 2017 and what books you absolutely loved in 2016? Share with me in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Top 12 Books of 2016!

  1. Jauza Mumtazah says:

    All the Light We Cannot See was one magnificent story I truly loved, I have to agree with you on that. It had me real sad in many places (and I mean the actual crying kind :p) but at the same,it’s so rare to find books like that and characters I never thought I’d experience with. Other than that, I actually have never read any other books you’ve listed. But now, I’m actually quite interested in The Savage Song and The Ballroom. Thanks for this wonderful post! I might make one like this too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • BookLoves_ Reviews says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed ATLWCS! I truly loved the poignant story between those very different teenagers and to know that something simple like a radio could connect them in times of duress. I hope you enjoy TSS & The Ballroom as much as I did! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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