A Quick TBR Tour!

A few days after returning home, I decided to reorganize my entire bookshelf. But this post isn’t going to showcase that since I’m still waiting for 50 books to arrive via shipment. But I want to show you my to-be-read (TBR) shelf instead!

For those of you who know me, I obsess over TBRs and my lack of control in downsizing them. I currently have around 20 books in my TBR pile and while that is small on a hardcore bookstagram level (that can reach hundreds), I do prefer to keep it less than 15 if possible. I don’t tend to have a spending/impulse buying sessions since I can get quite thrifty with money and I refuse to buy books at retail price whenever possible. So…book sales and second hand bookstores are my ultimate kryptonite.

Here is a photo of my entire TBR shelf. I purposely flipped over their covers to give that air of mystery 😛 My TBR has a variety of genres I collected during my student days in London. Most books costed me less than £5 so you can imagine my despair when I saw retail priced books here in Malaysia.

I sorted the books into genres:

General Fiction 



Science Fiction / Young Adult

 Mystery / Thriller

Historical Fiction

So that’s about it! With work starting next month, I doubt I’ll be able to finish all of thiese books by the end of the year. To be honest I get so lost in picking which book/genre to read. I wish I could read them all at once.

Have you read any of the titles and which book would you recommend I read right away?! And how many books are in your TBR? Leave a comment down below! 😀


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