Diversity Spotlight #3


Hey guys, welcome to another installment of Diversity Spotlight Thursday created by Bookshelves & Paperbacks ! Click to see the first and second installment of this series in my blog. I’ve decided to alter a bit the original post. Initially we had to answer 3 questions:

  1. Diverse book you enjoyed reading
  2. Diverse book that has been released and you want to read
  3. Diverse book yet to be released and you want to read

And because I suck in being up to date with upcoming releases, I shall do my diversity posts answering the first 2 questions only 🙂

Here are my picks for this week!

1. A diverse book you have read and enjoyed

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.42.48 PM.png

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I really enjoyed this book which was my first book by him. It tells the devastating story of 2 boys in Afghanistan and as the book takes you over the course of their lives, you see how making difficult decisions have severe consequences to each of them in an unimaginable manner. This book broke my heart and introduced me to the perils faced by Afghanistan and how the Taliban control has terrifying consequences. A much recommended read by me!

2. A diverse book that has already been released but you have not read

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 8.57.00 PM.png

Harmless Like You by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

I recently purchased this on my flight home to Malaysia at Heathrow Airport. I wanted to get a gift for myself before I left the country and decided to pay full retail price for this! I’ve heard so many good reviews for this and am so excited to start reading it soon.

Thanks for reading this post! Have you read any of these books and what did you think of them?


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