Review: The Moonlight Dreamers (Siobhan Curham)

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.58.41 PM.png

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: ★★★★


A inspirational, heart-warming book about four girls trying to find their place in the world. Siobhan Curham celebrates very different but like-minded friends in this captivating novel.

Amber craves excitement and adventure. Instead, she’s being bullied at school for having two dads, and life at home isn’t much better. Inspired by Oscar Wilde, Amber realizes that among the millions of people in London, there must be others who feel the same as she does; other dreamers – moonlight dreamers. After chance encounters with Maali, Sky and Rose, Amber soon recruits the three girls to the Moonlight Dreamers. It’s high time they started pursuing their dreams, and how better than with the support of friends?


I received this book from MaximumPopUK for a review and I loved it! I am not a big fan of YA Contemporary as many of you know, but this book was honest, raw, very realistic and just spoke to me in various depths. I am reminded of the tough teen years and understand where these characters are coming from. The characters are surprisingly realistic, for 16-year-olds in YA novels. They have their own aspirations that for once doesn’t necessarily revolve around boyfriends. A lot of current social issues are inserted within the pages which adds a nice touch to the book. And I love the message of finding people like you, that they do exist even if you feel your whole high school experience a bust.

Anyway, I wish I had my own Moonlight Dreamers Club….

A recommended read from me if you want something light but touches on some very important issues in today’s society — bullying, LGBT, social de-faming, etc.


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