Review: Initiate (Laura L. Fox)

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: ★★★


The only home Riga Garrison has ever known is the Tunnel, a subterranean research facility buried deep beneath Antarctica’s ice and snow. Yet, while a safe haven for the last outpost of humanity governed by the Initiate, it is also home to a secret so dark that they will risk anything to protect it. Surrounded by deceit and faced with exile to a frozen wasteland, Riga must defy not only the Initiate’s top biologists and loyalists but also her own mother, in an attempt to unearth the truth…



First of all…wow. I am blown away by how well-written this book is. I received a free copy from OfTomes Publishing in exchange for an honest review on my Goodreads and blog. I must admit, sci-fi is not my turf. I’ve just started reading more from this genre, and find it’s really hard to find good reads I enjoy. Having an education in science kind of deters you from reading about apocalyptic situations where science has failed us (when in fact they never have and never will in my opinion).

Anyway, I was very surprised by how much I actually liked Initiate! The writing was done brilliantly, the plot was fast, the MC was well developed and the chapters were short, which is a plus for me.

I like Riga Garrison in this as she’s independent, fierce, inquisitive and also brave. The way she handled the hurdles she faced in the book was surprisingly mature. Most teenage characters in young adult books come off as whiny, arrogant and just plain selfish. But Riga is like a breath of icy fresh air. And her development throughout the book was good too.

I enjoyed the writing most of all. For a first time published author, this book is very well done. Shows the great potential in the author and the publishing company. Her facts about global warming and energy industry were also accurate! And I can vouch for that since I’m studying for a master in chemical engineering specializing in carbon capture. She apparently did her research well in this area, and I’m always impressed when an author takes time to understand the science aspect of their writing.

“We were the people who had polluted our own planet so much through our persistent, never-satiated greed that we had caused irreversible and extensive damage to our planet’s climate through global warming. We were the people who had allowed our own waste emissions to consume us, to poison the very air we breathed and the water we drank until we had to build bigger machines to purify the water needed by an out-of control world population hungry for an ever-increasing demand of clean water, energy, and fuel. We were the people who had had decades of research to warn us of environmental collapse, yet who ignored it in the noisy distraction of political bargaining..”

On top of this, my reason as to why I didn’t give this book a full 5-stars is: I wish there were more to details surrounding the secrets…I wanted to know more of the Initiate! I felt we only got a quick glimpse to how evil this organization is.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this. And that cliffhanger! I know we have the second book included in the e-book, but I so want to know how Riga ends up after Book 1. Initiate is only the tip of the iceberg, I sense there’s more amazing things coming our way from this author 🙂

Note: This book comes out November 15 so pre-order a copy from all major ebook downloads and Amazon/Barnes&Noble today! Don’t forget to add this book to your Goodreads as well 😉


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